2016 Recipients


RSSAF received more than 120 applications for this grant cycle. Grants were awarded to two organisations, one from Malawi and another from Kenya.

1. Kawaza Youth Organisation 

Project Site: Rumphi, Malawi

Aim: To conduct quarterly engagement meetings to increase girl child support for education from their parents. Their project also aims to conduct orientation on the use and distribution of reusable fem pads to vulnerable girls in 12 schools, and to purchase materials and sewing machines to create a self-sustaining effort of making school uniforms, reusable fem pads, and underwear.

2. Star Awake

Project Site: Bungoma, Kenya

Aim: To complete a project that installed one block of two back-to-back pit latrines, four 20-litre hand washing machines, and hire trained sanitation experts to teach 1200 students hand washing skills and importance of using water treatment options like chlorine tablets. In addition, the project aims to educate not only students but also the surrounding community on the importance of hand washing and using water treatment options.



RSSAF received more than 65 applications for this grant cycle. Grants were awarded to two organisations from Uganda.

1. Holy Innocents Health Centre

Project Site: Kamuturu Village, Kolir Sub-County, Bukedea District, Eastern Uganda

Aim: Holy Innocents Health Centre is the sole clinic for healthcare services in the Kamuturu community. The center recently constructed a new pediatric ward. However, the new ward lacks electrical facilities to provide light for patients that need to be kept overnight. The proposed project will install 20 lights powered by 2 solar panel arrays that will help ensure that the schedule of crucial patient treatment continues throughout the night. The clinic is currently dealing with several cases of mothers giving birth in darkness, leading to increased risk of transfer of infections, and an admittance rate of 15-30 children with infections per week. These lights are essential for the continued care of those in most need in this community.

2. Friends in Need Integrated Development Project

Project Site: Wankoba and Seeta Nazigo, Uganda

Aim: The project has two goals. Firstly, in the short-term, the group will reconstruct 12 wells in the community. Secondly, in the long term, the organization will conduct seminars to educate the community and create “water management” committees (community volunteers) to ensure continued maintenance of wells. The community has agreed to contribute a small monthly fee that this committee will collect and an allocated treasurer will manage this money in case of small repairs/maintenance costs in the future.


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