2007 Recipients

Below is a summary of RSSAF grant cycles during 2007.

May 2007 (Trinity Term)

C.A.R.E and Vumani Urban Renewal Project (Durban, South Africa) was awarded £1,000. The CARE Support Centre provides a weekly support group and other services for HIV-positive residents in the Inanda Township in Durban, South Africa. They used the RSSAF grant to hold a series of workshops with other members of the community, schoolchildren and other NGOs, and to train the 20 gardeners to train others in organic gardening as a means of subsistence and income.

November 2007 (Michaelmas Term)

Family Preservation Initiative (Kenya), is an organization which provides services for HIV/AIDS patients that include full and part-time employment, microfinance and agricultural finance, consultancy services and an agricultural cooperative.  RSSAF awarded them £2,000 to purchase computers to more effectively administer their interventions and improve information management.

FORGE (Zambia) works with refugees at three refugee camps in Zambia, focusing on the sectors of the sectors of education (traditional, technical, and skills development), empowerment (economic and psychological), and life enrichment (opportunities that encourage a sense of livelihood, dignity and self respect).  Since 2003, they have implemented over 60 community development projects serving 60,000 refugees.  An RSSAF grant of £1,398 pounds was used for training materials and equipment to implement the Refugee Project Facilitator Training project. This project is geared to train 30 refugees to design, implement and manage locally-tailored community development projects over the course of a five-month training period in the three refugee camps, thereby initiating FORGE’s new people-powered development model. 

SHAWCO (Cape Town, South Africa) was awarded £1,329 to cover the costs of networking and Internet set-up in a computer center that will be jointly used by Manenberg primary school, the SHAWCO tutoring center and adult education programs in an underprivileged township community. SHAWCO is a student-run organization based at the University of Cape Town, consisting of over 1,200 volunteers running over 15 health and education projects in 5 SHAWCO centres as well as other locations around the Cape Metropolitan area.

New Hope Africa Children Ministries (Busia, Uganda) provides food, basic education, clothing and housing facilities to children and families affected by HIV/AIDS as well as advocating on their behalf. RSSAF provided £1,500 for their Orphans and Vulnerable Children Support (OVCS) project, designed to address the plight of the orphaned and disadvantaged children through provision of educational services, basic nutrition, health care, recreational facilities and clothing. The money goes to providing basic supplies for the children: school fees, books and clothing.

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