2006 Recipients

Below is a summary of RSSAF grant cycles during 2006.

November 2006 (Michaelmas Term)
RSSAF awarded grants to the following three organizations:

  • Parirenyatwa Hospital Family Care Centre, Zimbabwe.  RSSAF granted £2100 to this Nutritional Assistance Project in Harare, Zimbabwe.  Parirenyatwa Hospital Family Care Centre exists to provide high quality long term comprehensive care to children and adults that are living with HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe. At the time of the grant, their nutritional assistance program was providing daily meals to 50 children as well as food packages for the very poor and very sick patients. 
  • Sadiki Trust, Kenya.  RSSAF granted £1500 to this micro-credit programme in western Kenya. The Katamakissi micro-credit project is to provide thirty women with training and funding to run their own micro-credit program so that  they can invest in small business, generate income in order to contribute to the household,  as well build confidence.  Since
    funding started, 30 women have received leadership training, a constitution has been passed for the group, and loans have been distributed to 30 women in November 2006.
  • Rwanda Association of University Women, Rwanda.  RSSAF granted £1002 to this continuing education programme for female orphans of genocide in Kigali. Rwanda Assocation of University Women is a group of educated women in Rwanda committed to improving the quality of life for girls and women in their nation. The RSSAF funding aimed to help with a small-scale project providing ten female genocide orphans with fees and other school expenses to enable them to continue education in order eventually to find employment and support their families.

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