Welcome Auction

The Welcome Auction is one of our main annual fundraisers.


Incoming Scholars bid on items at the Welcome Auction

It’s quite simple: Rhodes Scholars who are leaving Oxford donate their stuff to us over the summer, and then we resell it to incoming Scholars in the autumn! All the money raised goes to RSSAF, we save useful stuff from going into landfills, and we offer incoming Scholars a convenient opportunity to get the stuff they need shortly after their arrival!

This year we raised £1900 for RSSAF at the Welcome Auction! Thanks to all who donated, attended, bid, and bought!

Unfortunately we cannot accept foodstuffs, alcohol or bedlinen. Otherwise we’d like anything that would be useful to those arriving/currently living in Oxford. We especially call on you to donate bicycles (we’ve even had a car donated once before!) which are highly sought after by those arriving.

And even if you weren’t planning to sell your stuff, why bother with the hassle of dragging it with you when you can get brand new shiny stuff wherever you go? If you leave what you don’t need to RSSAF, we’ll turn it into community enterprise funding in places like Zimbabwe, Uganda, South Africa, and elsewhere!


Bicycles are some of our most-sought-after items! Please donate your old bike when you leave town!

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