Promises Auction

The Promises Auction gives Rhodes Scholars the opportunity to share their ideas, talents, and homewade wares. The event consists of a live auction and a silent auction in which Scholars bid on the “promises” of other Scholars. In previous years we have had scholars promising everything from:
  • Swim lessons from the Oxford swim team coach
  • A sushi dinner for six
  • Homemade cookies every month for a year
  • Southern African Mega Braai or Aussie Barbecue
  • Pirate punting with Pimms
  • Breakfast in bed

(For a more comprehensive list click HERE).

In the past this event has raised up to £5000, and has been THE fundraising drive of the year for RSSAF!

It’s fun. Its for a good cause. There will be food and drinks, and of course an opportunity to sit back and relish each others bizarre, practical, strange and often times entertaining promises.
This event usually takes place at the end of Hilary Term.
Details about how to make a promise will be posted during Hilary Term!

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