In order to strengthen and expand the scope of its work, RSSAF in collaboration with Rhodes Social Impact Group established the RSSAF Consultancy, aimed at providing Sub-Saharan charitable organisations with free, voluntary advice and support from Rhodes Scholars. This project builds onto the existing RSSAFfunction of providing financial grants to charitable organisations working in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Since its inception in 2011, the RSSAF Consulting Program has assisted several young organisations in Africa working on a wide range of topics ranging from education to environmental conservation to micro-finance. We have also worked on problems ranging from vision and mission alignment to project – specific inputs. Click here for examples of some of our work.

We seek to work with young but established organisations that are want to create sustainable and substantial change in Southern Africa. We would like to be catalytic in the organisation’s journey and help them transition to a high-scale, high-impact path. If you believe that your organisation can benefit from our consulting services, apply here. We will get in touch with you at the beginning of our next consulting cycle and schedule Skype calls to discuss the potential project. Before you apply, please read our terms and conditions to familiarise yourself with our service.

If you have any other queries regarding the RSSAF Consulting work, write to us at


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