Apply for a Grant

The Rhodes Scholars’ Southern African Forum (RSSAF) has awarded more than 50 grants to deserving projects of transformative potential over the last six years.

The Michaelmas Term 2017 grant cycle is now closed.

RSSAF gives small grants of up to £1,500 to programmes of economic, political and social development in sub-Saharan Africa. Priority is given to projects less likely to secure funding from large donors and to projects with which Rhodes Scholars or other Oxford students/staff are associated. This is an important link as it allows us to maintain contact with organisations that receive grants. Please note that RSSAF also gives priority to organisations that have not received RSSAF funding in the past, however previous recipients of RSSAF grants launching new projects are invited to apply.

  • We welcome emails with specific questions to Please be sure you have read through our FAQ first. We are receiving a high volume of inquiries and so the FAQ may provide you with more timely information than an email.
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