RSSAF’s mission is three-fold: to increase awareness of social, political and economic issues in Southern Africa, to raise and distribute funds to support small-scale community development, and last, to stimulate discussion about the historical relationship between the scholarship and the region.

At the core of our work is our grants programme. Twice per year, a committee of past and current Rhodes Scholars reviews grant applications from a wide array of health, education, and environmental projects in southern Africa.  The committee aims to support high-impact initiatives that will enable the applicant to scale up its current work in a way that is measurable and sustainable.  Past projects funded by RSSAF have included the creation of a maternity ward in rural Kenya, a micro-credit funding scheme in Tanzania and an education scheme for genocide victims in Rwanda.  If you are the leader of an eligible project, you can apply for an RSSAF grant.

Our events are long-celebrated traditions among the Rhodes community, including our spring garden party and ‘Promises Auction’ (which in 2015 raised £2,090).

To complement the grants programme and broaden its overall impact, RSSAF works in collaboration with the Rhodes Social Impact Group (RSIG) to offer free consulting services to charitable organizations in sub-Saharan Africa.  All members of the Rhodes community are invited to help out by volunteering as consultants.

Likewise, all members of the Rhodes community are invited to help raise money, plan events, review grant applications, and more.  If you would like to attend an RSSAF meeting or make a general inquiry, contact convener Nchimunya Tebeka (nchimunya.tebeka@path.ox.ac.uk) or Mary Jiyani (mary.jiyani@balliol.ox.ac.uk). For information about the grants cycle, contact Kirsten Rowe or Serena Dai (rssafgrants@gmail.com).

If you are a current Scholar and would like to make a donation via automatic stipend contribution, please visit our fundraising page.

If you are a Rhodes Scholar of any year and would like to receive RSSAF news, please write to rssafnews@gmail.com.

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