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We have moved over to a new site:


This one will be archived soon!

The Rhodes Scholars’ Southern Africa Forum is a UK-based grant-making charity that supports community development initiatives in southern Africa.  Founded more than a decade ago by a group of socially conscious Rhodes Scholars at Oxford, RSSAF has grown to support nearly 10 development projects every year. 

As of 2016, RSSAF supports public health programs combatting HIV/AIDS, malaria, and diseases related to dirty water; human rights advocacy for women, the LBGTI community, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, and people with HIV/AIDS; rule of law initiatives that promote access to justice in developing democracies; community construction projects to bring shelter, clean water, and sustainable technology to vulnerable or isolated communities; and programs that empower young people through sports. 

We encourage you to make a donation, apply for a grant, and learn more